What is iChallengeU?

iChallengeU a two-week educational opportunity for high school students to work with area teachers, corporate, civic, and community leaders to develop solutions to real problems posed by the corporate/civic/community partners. Teachers trained in project based learning will work with the partners to identify "driving questions or challenges" that reflect real issues or problems in the participating companies and organizations. Student teams will have two weeks, through their own research and evaluation processes and by working with assigned teachers to propose solutions to the real life questions or challenges.

2018 Winning Teams

Hospice of Lenawee

Sponsored by: Energy Systems Group


Looking Back
iChallengeU 2018
We hope you enjoy looking back on the semi-finals for the 2018 iChallengeU Summer Program. During the event that took place on Friday 7/20/18, 8 teams from 3 counties competed to win scholarships to local post secondary educational institutions.
Group Picture of Team Dahlem Center
Team Orbitform
Team: Airmaster Fan
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