Industry 4.0

The new industrial revolution

We are going through the greatest economic transformation in history. Technology has revolutionized the workplace and brought with it new opportunities – and new challenges. Automation and interconnectivity will render thousands of jobs obsolete and workers will need new skills to survive in the new economy. Meanwhile, local employers added over 43,000 new positions in our region in 2019 and are struggling to find workers with the necessary skills to fill them!

Michigan Works! Southeast is here to help you navigate this fourth industrial revolution: AKA “Industry 4.0.” We can connect your business to grants to help you train and hire your workforce. If you are looking for a job, we can help you find the skills you need to land a future-proof career.

Don’t get left behind! Visit our in-depth study and learn how to succeed in this new industrial revolution.

Top Skills

  • Logistics
  • Java & JavaScript
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Software Development


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