Innovation in Action

Alexander Campbell - Owner

International Brassworks, Inc.

Your instructors have done a superb job in taking my workforce talent to a new and higher level. The level of welding surpassed my expectations. What these individuals have achieved in such a short period of time is quite remarkable given the time frame and duration of course.

Kevin Welch - City Manager

City of Tecumseh

We've had numerous occasions to work with MWSE. In all cases, the service they provided directly assisted us in attracting new companies to Tecumseh, as well assisting current companies in their expansion efforts. One of the single most important factors that most relocation decision include is the available workforce and training. I have found that the response we receive with the services and dollars that are offered through MWSE have been attention grabbing to these companies. In addition, the research that MWSE provides to these new organizations is by far something that we could not have accomplished on our own.

Rob Robinson - Chief Executive Officer

Greener Planet Solutions

Thank you again for your enormously valuable assistance in vetting prospects for this position! We are astonished at the number of extremely viable candidates you turned up, and the short time in which you did so.