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Business leaders often have a hard time taking a step back and asking the tough questions. What could we do better? How could we grow? I need to downsize, but how do I go about it? Who can help us?

It's difficult to get an outside view from the inside, and that's what we want to show you. Michigan Works Southeast solves problems and helps you seize opportunities by examining your business from a new perspective.

Training & Programs

Training For Your Workforce

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT): IWT funds assist employers with upgrading the skills of employees in order to retain or maintain employment, enhance their wage earning capacity, add to the viability and productivity of the business or avert a layoff situation.

On the Job Training (OJT): OJT can help soon to be hired eligible employees acquire occupational skills in a paid working environment. Employers are eligible to be reimbursed for up to 75 percent of the participating employee’s wage during the training period. OJT funding is only available pre the offer of employment.

Going Pro Talent Fund: Going Pro provides competitive awards for the development and implementation of training for your company’s current workforce. New hire candidates can also be trained along with new USDOL Apprenticeships. The program ensures employers have access to a talent pipeline that allows them to compete and grow.

Soft Skills Training:Soft Skills may in fact be more important for career development and organizational success over the long term than many specific technical and occupational skills. Michigan Works Southeast dedicated team members will work with employers who want to improve the "people skills" and retention of their workforce. We offer a wide array of courses designed to build relationships of trust, positive interactions and personal productivity. We have a customizable curriculum," Bring Your A Game To Work" that is accredited through The Center for Work Ethic Development, LLC. Contact Us to schedule an on-site training today!

Sustainable Solutions

Expansion & Growth

Michigan Works Southeast offers a wide variety of sustainable solutions to assist employers in recruiting, hiring, training and retaining the best qualified candidates to maximize their existing workforce. All services are offered free of charge to eligible job seekers and employers unless otherwise noted.

Talent Recruitment

Hiring Plans
  • Job description review
  • Regional up to date wage data
  • O*NET Occupational website access

Positional Marketing
  • Job postings on Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  • Access to recruitment mediums including Talent Connect, Social media outlets, News Publications, Radio Advertising and Service Center postings
  • Career Fairs & In-Center Employer of the Day events

Process Management
  • Application and resume collection, screening & processing
  • Candidate interview scheduling & coordinating
  • Candidate screening for program eligibility

Strategies For Your Business

Business Retention, Growth and Attraction

Michigan Works Southeast brings together a dedicated team to work with companies considering layoffs. We offer layoff aversion strategies that can prevent the layoff, or minimize operational disruptions if a layoff is eminent.

Layoff Aversion and Dislocated Worker Services: As your local workforce development agency we partner with local and state agencies to help businesses in distress. If layoffs are ever necessary, we are available for early assistance to help the affected employees. We provide on-site orientation of all available resources for groups of workers affected by layoffs, plant closings, outsourcing or downsizing and can work with the employees to help them transition to new jobs.

Hiring Incentives: Our vast network can connect you with available tax credits and incentives to reduce recruitment and training costs. We collaborate with local economic developers, legislators and organizations that can link you to all available resources to offset your expansion and hiring expenses.