Have You Been Convicted of a Crime?

Attend our Expungement Fair to make your record nonpublic!
15 Thousand

Offenders were released from penal institutions in Michigan in the past 10 years


Recidivism Rate in Michigan


Of managers "indicated the "quality of hire" for employees with criminal records is as high or higher than those without" - SHRM


Companies "believe the cost of hiring individuals with criminal records is the same or lower than that of hiring individuals without criminal records" - SHRM

Employers, as a demand driven system we know finding talent can be an overwhelming task nowadays, especially with record low unemployment, which is why we are on our second year of offering a form of Expungement Services in three out of our five counties. The statistics above were pulled from the State of Michigan and the Society of Human Resource Professionals showing you that there are many benefits to hiring someone with a criminal background.

Job Seekers, through working with our community partners, we learned that the completion rate for the expungement process was shockingly low in Michigan, therefore we felt compelled to help raise the completion rate, and creating connections to a better future for you!

Once the Expungement Fair Dates are announced for 2020, we will add more information to this page.

The intent and hope is that upon completion of the Fair, attendees will be prepared to move forward in the expungement process. Volunteers from the community will join as sponsors to help you through the process.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Convictions must have occurred locally
  • No more than one felony conviction
  • No more than two misdemeanor convictions
  • No DUI's or OWI's
  • Must be at least five years since date of conviction, release from incarceration or discharge of probation or parole, whichever occurred last.