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Michigan Works! Southeast is on the front lines, meeting the talent demands of local employers and responding to the unique needs of the communities in the five counties of Southeast Michigan: Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston and Washtenaw. We are focused on the needs of job makers and developing talent for the 21st century economy. Michigan Works! Southeast is locally responsive and demand-driven. We are governed by a Workforce Development Board comprised of private sector representatives and locally-elected officials We are committed to delivering services that help businesses find the skilled workers they need and provide a competitive advantage for job seekers. Michigan Works! Southeast partners with communities to meet the diverse needs of all customers. All ages, skill sets and levels of experience are welcome.
Celebrating Success
Dan English (right) presenting Jeremiah Hodshire (left) with their 2018 Skilled Trades Training Fund Award.
Hillsdale Hospital will receive $76,781 by the Talent Investment Agency through the 2018 Skilled Trades Training Fund to upskill 77 current employees and hire 12 new employees. This award is unique in the capacity that it is focused on non-traditional skilled trades and professional trades in the healthcare industry, which isn’t what we typically think of when we talk about Skilled Trades.

The 77 current employees training plan consists of upgrading their current skillsets to include Revenue Integrity Boot Camp, Medicare Boot Camp, Trauma Nurse Core Training, Skilled Nursing Clinical Assessments and Certified Professional in Patient Safety.

The new hire training will cover 12 individuals who will transfer to a new clinic in Litchfield, MI. New hire positions for this clinic include 2 Nurse Practitioners, 1 Medical Doctor, 2 Office Coordinators, 5 Medical Assistance and 2 Billers. The new clinic will provide health care coverage at a remote location, which will lessen the use of the emergency room for primary care.

Congratulations to Hillsdale Hospital.