Apprenticeships are an opportunity for employees to earn while they learn, equipping employees with valuable skills and employers with experienced professionals.

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Access For All Webinar

Access for All is a free 300 hour construction trades training program that prepares you for a rewarding career in the construction industry. We provide support for basic needs such as transportation and child care, and a small stipend for expenses during the training. Graduates earn credentials in: OSHA 30, First Aid/CPR, and Asbestos, Lead and Silica Awareness and a nationally recognized certificate from the North America’s Building Trades Union (NABTU).

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MYTH: Apprenticeships are expensive
Apprenticeships cost NOTHING for the apprentice and Michigan Works! Southeast may connect businesses to funding that will offset the cost of training.
MYTH: If I train them, they’ll leave
FACT: 94% of Apprentices remain with their employer.
MYTH: There are no apprenticeship opportunities in my area of interest
Almost any profession can create an apprenticeship. There are opportunities in many fields such as childcare, video production, window washing, and so much more! Visit apprenticeship-job-finder to find opportunities in your field and connect with Michigan Works! Southeast to learn more about opportunities in your geographic region!
MYTH: A Labor Union is required for an apprenticeship track
FACT: Many labor unions serve as gateways to apprenticeships, but they are not required.
MYTH: Apprenticeships take a long time to complete
FACT: Most apprenticeships range from 1-6 years. Michigan Works! Southeast will help you streamline the process. Plus, you earn a paycheck while completing your apprenticeship!