Business Resource Networks

Let's talk about retention

The Business Resource Network (BRN) is a business strategy comprised of local companies that aim to increase job retention and job productivity among their staff. By leveraging resources, companies are ensuring their employees’ personal needs are met, and therefore, improving workplace engagement.

How it Works:

  • Companies pay membership dues
  • Access to a success coach
  • Success Coaches meets with employees facing individual challenges, connecting them with resources and assistance
  • Employee needs are met (child care,transportation, low interest loans, etc.) and they are then able to be successful with the company

Frequently Asked Questions

1How is the Success Coach Selected?
The Success Coach is identified by the BRN Board in conjunction with the employer of record. The Coach can be employed by MWSE or by another entity approved by the BRN Board.
2What determines each Business Resource Network’s employer membership fee?
The fee is determined based on the total number of hours the Success Coach is at the company each week. Each "share"represents 4 hours.
3Who should attend the BRN Board Meetings?
Human Resources Manager or Generalist from each participating employer should attend the Board Meetings.
4Does the Success Coach cover multiple shifts in one organization?
Yes, the Success Coach's hours can beset to cover multiple shifts in one organization. Coverage schedule is set by the network members.
5What are the membership fees used for?
The fees cover the cost of the Success Coach’s wages, mileage, professional development and network administration
6How long is my membership valid?
Members pay an annual fee which is set by the network to cover anticipated costs for the year.

Employers, employees and the local economy all benefit through the business resource network model. By investing in the network you show your employees that you care and become an employer of choice. If you value your employees and want to keep your business thriving contact us to learn more.