Business Resource Network

What is the Business Resource Network?

The Business Resource Network (BRN) is a business strategy comprised of local companies that aim to increase job retention and job productivity among their staff. By leveraging resources, companies are ensuring their employees’ personal needs are met, and therefore, improving workplace engagement.

Let’s talk about Retention

Minimum cost of turnover is $3,500 per Employee INCLUDING the cost of posting the open position, interviewing, training new employees, overall decrease of department productivity, etc.

If the success coach can retain just TWO employees, the cost is more than covered.

How does it work?

•Companies pay membership dues

•Access to a success coach

•Success Coaches meets with employees facing individual challenges, connecting them with resources and assistance

•Employee needs are met (child care,transportation, low interest loans, etc.) and they are then able to be successful with the company

Retention Rates for Michigan Employers