Abbe is a single mother who sought a career that allowed her to balance work and childcare.  Michigan Works! Southeast connected Abbe to training, where she studied to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  With the exam approaching, Abbe embraced her new career path with enthusiasm, knowing the bright future it will bring to her family.

Hurdles remained and Abbe worked closely with her Career Advisor at Michigan Works! Southeast to improve her resume. Additionally, MWSE removed financial barriers to Abbe’s success by funding her training and providing mileage reimbursement to school and back.  With unwavering determination, Abbe excelled in her coursework and career search, going the extra mile to secure a full-time CNA position at the Willows at Howell while still in training!

Today, Abbe relishes her fulfilling career, where she works night shifts to balance work and motherhood.  As she prepares for the State exam, she eagerly awaits the raise that will accompany her success.  Abbe’s journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and diligence in achieving personal and professional goals. Through her unwavering commitment, she has created a future of happiness and stability for herself and her family.

“Michigan Works! Southeast changed my life. They helped make my dream of working in the medical field a reality.  [My Career Advisor] has been an amazing support system throughout the whole process.  She has personally sat down and helped me figure out my school options. She helped make sure all my paperwork was filled out and was sent to the right people.  I would have never gotten through the resume writing process without her. She did such a great job helping me that I landed my dream job within three days of putting in my application. I am  now excited to go to work and feel like I’m making a real difference. I’m so grateful for the service and MIchigan Works! Southest!” – Abbe M.