Mackenzie arrived at Michigan Works! Southeast with what felt like the world on her shoulders as she struggled to identify her passion or career path.  She worked closely with her Career Advisor to discover she held a passion for helping others.  Now with a clear goal, Michigan Works! Southeast helped Mackenzie get enrolled in Clinical Nurse/Medical Assistant training and helped reduce the cost.

Mackenzie’s determination was unwavering.  She completed her certification, attained her CNA license, and enrolled into Jackson College’s nursing program.  Mackenzie is now determined to complete her education and become a registered nurse.

“[My Career Advisor] helped me succeed through Michigan Works and JMG by being a very supportive mentor. He was always there to assist me with any needs or questions. He took the time to understand myself and my career goals. Because of him I was able to take the right step towards my career goal and finish as a Medical Assistant. His kindness, support, and eagerness to help me succeed didn’t stop there, I was encouraged to reach my full potential, with that I took the opportunity to enroll into Jackson College for nursing and I can’t thank him enough for believing in myself to get this far!”  – Mackenzie N.