Michigan Works! Southeast to Host Expungement Events Throughout Region

SOTUHEAST MI | Throughout October and early November southeast Michigan residents will gain a chance for a clean slate at one of their upcoming Expungement Fairs.

An Expungement Fair is an event where participants can begin the legal process of sealing eligible criminal offenses from the public – giving them a second chance at employment, housing, and other resources often difficult to attain for those with past criminal convictions.

“With the current labor shortage, we understand employers’ need for talent,” says Shamar Herron, Executive Director of Michigan Works! Southeast.  “These events will provide an opportunity for individuals to remove a significant barrier to employment and create opportunities for their future,” says Herron.

Prior to the Expungement Fairs, information sessions will be held to explain eligibility and provide an overview of the process.  Visit mwse.org/expungement to view dates and times of the expungement events and begin the process by completing the online form.

The series of events are a partnership between Michigan Works! Southeast, Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM), Michigan Legal Help (MLP), County National Bank, local courts, police departments, and several partner agencies.

“Expungements increase financial stability, allow access to stable housing and strengthen communities,” says Sarah Munro, Pro Bono Manager at LSSCM.  “We are excited to partner with Michigan Works! to assist Fair participants in this life changing opportunity” says Munro.


Michigan Works! Southeast connects employers and job seekers to a better future in Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties as part of a statewide Michigan Works! system.