What Makes Our Workshops Unique?

Our monthly workshops offer a wide variety of interactive classes to help anyone become ready for employment. Regardless if you are experienced or considering employment for the first time, we have a workshop for you.

What makes our workshops stand apart? We asked for feedback from the companies you are applying to. Our Business Services Team asked employers they work with on a daily basis to share with us what they are looking for in a candidate. We took their feedback and designed unique workshops just for you!

To register for a workshop, visit the calendar on the left side of our home page & click on the date of the workshop you would like to attend.

Workshop Descriptions


The purpose of a resume is to get an interview! Find out what helps your resume get into the hands of hiring managers and leaves them thinking you are a top contender for the position. Facts and truth about how resumes are evaluated Resume development / improvement strategies Understanding KEYWORDS Choosing sections, format, and style Tips for the Michigan Talent Connect – including the 3 main types of resumes Please create a www.mitalent.com profile and a rough draft of your resume prior to attending this workshop.


Acquire practical interviewing skills and learn how to prepare for an interview. Best practices for success before, during, and after the interview. Facts about hiring– What employers are really looking for in job candidates How to prepare for the phone and face-to-face interview Proper attire and etiquette Handling general and behavioral questions Thank you notes and follow-up tips Handling tough topics and illegal questions


Learn how to identify desktop components, to apply monitor and desktop settings, to practice using a mouse and keyboard and to explore built-in applications such as calculator and WordPad. Learn to create folders and files. Learn to save them to alternate storage devices. Recognize the difference between save and save as, and cutting, copying, pasting, deleting, restoring, and searching for files.


Word that Works! –Topics and Basic Skills Addressed: Introduction to Microsoft Word and Word Components New Documents Working with Text Paragraph and Spacing Using a Flash Drive Opening Existing Files Creating a Folder Undo & Redo Button Saving a Document Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text Using Spelling and Grammar Functions Synonym/Thesaurus Feature Status Bar Information Printing Documents Deleting a Document Restoring/Retrieving a Document Recycle Bin


Topics and Basic Skills Addressed: Introduction to Microsoft Excel and Excel Components Insert text Format text and cells Italicize, bold, underline, highlight, change font color, center text Change numbers and data from general to currency option Add and subtract using simple sum functions Copy cells using the drag and drop option Inserting and deleting columns and rows Using the undo and redo buttons Filter options Merging cells Grammar and Spelling Saving a file Printing a spreadsheet with gridlines


Participants should have completed the Computer CrashCourse workshop or have a moderate comfort level using a desktop computer and the Internet prior to attending this class. In this workshop, you will: Learn how to use the Internet to its best advantage in your job search Learn many helpful and useful Internet resources, web sites, and job boards Have a better understanding of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and the importance of keywords Become more aware of Internet-related problems that could negatively affect you


Having a correctly-prepared job application, cover letter, and job reference list can positively influence your candidacy for employment. Attend this workshop to learn the best practices of these important documents. In this workshop you will learn: Helpful and useful tips about on-line and paper applications. How to write a simple but effective cover letter / cover note that will help you stand out from your competition. Formatting and style options for cover letters and cover notes. How to handle requests for salary. General guidelines for choosing job references and preparing a reference list. What you need to know about reference checking and background screening.


Adapted from Eric Chester’s Curriculum, we have prepared a workshop that will help job seekers and/or employees continue their professional development in the following values: Attitude Attendance Appearance Ambition Accountability Acceptance Appreciation Employers are excited to hire and train those who have mastered soft skills in regards to these values. Join the media-packed and activity-rich workshop that will enhance your customer service skills, your time management and your experiences in the workplace.


LinkedIn for job seekers is a two-part workshop. LinkedIn instruction: In the first hour of training, a participant will learn about: The value of LinkedIn in a job search Getting started with LinkedIn including helpful tips regarding settings and profile Developing contacts The value of recommendations and endorsements Search features Researching and following companies How to use the LinkedIn jobs board Joining groups LinkedIn Lab: In the second hour of training, participants who have a LinkedIn account will be able to log into their account and learn how to improve their current profiles.