Kia came to Hillsdale Adult Education in Partnership with Michigan Works! Southeast the goal of pursuing her GED credential as part of her path towards a career in medical billing or business administration. Kia began working with us in December of 2015 and has consistently attended classes since As a single mother, Kia has found it challenging to balance a schedule that allows her do take care of her seven year old daughter, complete job applications, and seek employment all the while focusing on own educational goals.
However, where there is a will, there is a way. Kia has continued to attend classes and is making great progress towards her GED credential. She has now passed the Reasoning through Language Arts and Social Studies GED subject area tests. Kia was able to participate in the GED to School Program through the State of Michigan Workforce Development Agency, which has allowed her to earn vouchers to cover the cost of her first two tests. Now, Kia is almost ready to tackle to Science portion of the test before moving on to Mathematical Reasoning.
Kia says that she has been able to get to where she is because of the convenient schedule, flexible hours, and helpful teachers of Hillsdale Adult Education. She also feels that the online courseware she uses for her classes is easy to understand and equips her with the study tools that she needs to be successful. With Kia’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance, she will soon earn her GED and be ready to move on to Career Quest or Jackson College.