November 9, 2016


To Whom It May Concern,

Venchurs, Inc has been an employer in Lenawee County for over 40 years.  We provide a wide range of services including procurement, expediting, warehousing, order management, customized packaging and light assembly particularly for the automotive industry.  Michigan Works! Southeast is a valuable resource for our company.

We most recently benefitted from their services with our training grant funds allocated for Quarter 1 and 2 of 2016.  After assessing our current work force, we noticed gaps in required knowledge and skills as a result of absorbing workloads when people had been laid-off or left the company.  While this form of attrition had avoided further lay-offs, we were at a point where we needed to acquire this missing knowledge base before it negatively impacted our current customers or prevented us from being awarded new business.

We presented our training needs to Michigan Works! Southeast and they assisted us with finding training providers and answered any questions regarding the details and documentation required for the grant.  They were instrumental in helping us secure formal training that focused on the recognized gaps.  This also prepared our employees for advanced positions and allowed us to strengthen our processes to ensure we were as efficient and cost-effective as possible in order to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.  We feel the training saved, improved and created jobs for Venchurs in the short and long term perspective.

We appreciate the extraordinary efforts from the staff at Michigan Works! Southeast.  We look forward to future opportunities to work with them.



DeAnna Strand

Human Resources/Training Manager